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Watercolor Classes

Image by Nik

    Artist and illustrator Terry Ganey is now offering private, one-on-one, lessons in her studio! She will introduce her students to the whimsical and ethereal world of watercolors, and teach them how to create their own works of art.


  •         Class 1 : Intro to working with watercolors, values

  •         Class 2: Color theory & mixing colors

  •         Class 3: Part 1 of watercolor techniques

  •         Class 4: Part 2 of watercolor techniques

     Terry will provide all supplies for students to use in-studio and send you home with informational sheets to help your practice at home. She will also send you home with your very own travel paint palette.

    Classes are for ages 15 and up, and take place in her studio in TheArtWorks, located at 200 Willard Street in Wilmington, NC.


  • Supplies: all provided by teacher for in-studio use

  • Class Duration: 2 hours

  • Price: $65 per class (if you choose to do so, there are 3 other classes in the "Intro to Watercolor" Series); Price for entire series of 4 classes, $240 ($20 discount)

  • Classes must be pre-paid via Square, Venmo, Cash-App, or Paypal.

      To schedule a class today, contact me by clicking the blue button below and filling out the 'message' section of the contact form or email me at

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