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The Selfless Art of Giving; Veterans are the True Masters

I just wanted to pause today, and give a sincere thank you and God Bless to all the military members who have served or are currently serving to protect our awesome country. It is because of them I am living in a country where I am blessed with the beautiful freedom to express my heart and soul in the art form I choose. It is because of them I will have the amazing opportunity to choose the career I want as a woman, that being a free artist.   So, I throw my paint-stained beret high in the sky, and I raise my brush in the air as a salute to you rock-star, real-life super heroes. (I want to give a special shout-out to my hero dad who passed away when I was only 8) Happy Veteran’s Day, ladies and gents, and be sure to tell a veteran or current soldier how awesome they truly are.

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