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Terry Ganey, a self-taught artist from WIlmington, NC, works in multiple mediums because sometimes just one medium doesn't help her express what she is seeing in her head.

          Her primary focus is art that is relevant to the Carolinas, including many city and seascapes. 

      She started out working in just acrylics, but since becoming an active member of the Wilmington Chapter of the Urban Sketchers, she has fallen in love with the combination of watercolors and inks. She loves that expressive, illustrative style she can accomplish with lines and washes.

Besides working in that classic combo (she loves the challenge of architecture), she loves to paint dramatic seascapes in acrylics and oils.

   When in Wilmington, you can visit her studio during open hours in TheArtWorks, which is located in the South Front District or you can reach her via email at

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