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5 Things I Must Have As An Artist

Every artist has that one thing or those MANY THINGS (as in my case) that he or she cannot function or live a fully artistic life without.

Quite frankly, I probably could have added just a ‘few’ more things to this list, but for your sanity’s sake, I have narrowed it down to a list of 5. You’re welcome. 🙂

Let’s jump right to it!


Here are my five things I cannot survive as an artist without –

  1. Camera – I live in beautiful southeastern NC, so there is no shortage of inspiration around me. As an artist, my eyes are constantly wondering around, scanning the scenes around me, looking for a muse for my next artwork (um, not so good when I am driving, just ask my husband!). Even if it isn’t my digital camera, I at least have my phone camera with me to capture that color combo or the bird that has caught my artsy-fartsy eye.

  2. Tablet – To display those images I have captured of something that caught my eye, I use my trusty tablet. I have it in a basic stand-up case (which is covered in paint, of course) and I constantly use it to not only display my reference images, but also to edit them.

  3. Google Music – Maybe I am weird, but I cannot create without noise in the background – that noise preferably being some great tunes or an interesting podcast. Google music offers both of these, and I can listen to it on all my devices. As for music, I am very eclectic in my musical choices. I listen to everything from hard rock to reggae. Lately, I have really been learning to appreciate the opera. And podcasts? I freaking LOVE podcasts. My favorite, and one I would suggest all artists to tune into, is Leslie Saeta’s Artists Helping Artists.

  4. GraphGear 500 Mechanical Pencil– I will be honest, I cannot keep up with a single pen or pencil to save my life. But my trusty old GraphGear 500 mechanical pencil? I have managed to keep up with that one pencil for about 4 years because I love and value it so much. Its great for rough sketching lightly on a canvas, to actually finishing a portrait, to field sketching in the park. Oh yes, and playing suduko, of course.

  5. Filbert Paintbrush – I use a filbert brush in all three mediums I work in. Grant it, they are each made of different hairs, but they are still filbert in shape. I also have different sizes for each medium. I have come to love the filbert brush because it is so versatile. They have a feathered top, so they are awesome for blending. Even better yet, they can be used to block in areas, and then used for detailing those areas. They just rock my socks, and you will always be able to find filbert brushes in my arsenal of artistic weaponry.

And there you have it! The 5 things I absolutely as an artist CANNOT live without.

So, what are the things YOU cannot live without? Shout-out and comment below!

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