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Goodbyes and New Beginnings

green rice field

Change is good, but it can also be very hard. Growth is wonderful, but growing pains can also be a bitch. And that is what I am experiencing now.

Most of you know that I really just started sharing my art for the first time in my life at an awesome little place in Leland called Seaglass Salvage Market. I spent two wonderful years learning, growing, and forming some great friendships at this special place. It honestly jump-started my art career. I spent many markets yapping and laughing with these amazing people. At the market in June, I spent a lot of my time crying with these people. You see, June was my last market at Seaglass.

I had arrived at a point in my life and art career that I needed to put on my big girl panties and venture outside of my safe, little cocoon. Just so happens that at this time, a little helping hand came by chance in the cheerful form of Victoria Zayas.

You see, I met Miss ‘Vicki Luv’, as she is called, out on one of our sketcher crawls down at The Cotton Exchange in downtown Wilmington. We started talking about our mutual love of art, and she ran this idea by me. I honestly didn’t take it seriously at first, because, well I am a skeptic, ha. BUT, sure enough, not long after our initial meeting, Vicki Luv called me up, and asked me to join her and some other artists in a shared studio at The Art Village in The Artworks. We were moving in not longer after!

Regretfully, at this time financially, I could not afford my spot at both Seaglass and The Artworks, so I had to make a tough decision.

It has been bittersweet, as the next market at Seaglass is this weekend, and I won’t be participating in it. BUT, the following Friday evening is new and exciting for me because it will be Fourth Friday Gallery Night! “What is that exactly?”, you ask? Well, it is where you can participate in a self-guided tour of all involved downtown Wilmington art galleries, enjoy wine and food, talk with other art enthusiasts, and most of all, you get to actually meet many of the local artists. And even more exciting – you may actually get to see many of the artists working in their own element.

So, you see change can be exciting, as well.

I am once again, so grateful for the learning I did with my family at Seaglass. Kelli and all the vendors will always be my first family – but now, with Lotus Moon Artistry & Creations, our shared studio in The Art Village at The Artworks, I am in the process of gaining a new family.

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