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New Artsy Adventures in Wilmywood

So, there’s this new happening group of artsy peeps that are meeting up in local visually stimulating areas in our Port City here in NC – we are getting together periodically at local spots to do a little ‘plein air’ style of drawing, painting, sculpting, whatever medium floats your boat. No, you do not have to be on a Monet level ( I mean, who really is these days? He was beast-level) . We welcome all art skill levels – we just want you to have a desire to meet up with other art-interested people in the area, like to chill out with said people, express your creativity with said people, and have a passion for learning more about art. That is the greatest thing that we as an art community can do, right? Learn from each other. After all, as Erica Cook says, “I’m not interested in competing with everyone, I hope we all make it”. We are all here to help each other out as a community.

29598391_10211582852309077_7466368957246972076_n . The lovely Maria Bessette is the coordinator, and the brains behind the organization of this group. The next meetup will be on Wed, Apr 11, 10 am – noon, between The George and Claude Howell Park on the Wilmington Riverwalk (Orange and Front Sts). Bring your supplies and a friend, and get ready to have some fun!

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