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Art Tools I Love (#1)

Hey guys!

For my first favorite tool, let’s get back to the basics – drawing. Throughout the years as an artist, I have tried many,  and I mean TONS of different pencils to draw with. (as I am sure many of you have)  I have tried cheap ones, expensive ones, all graphite ones, ones made with wood, and even ones made with a heavy metal casing. But nothing can beat my GraphGear 500 PG257 mechanical pencil that I found in the drafting section of the art store! Seriously, love this pencil.

I will be the first to admit,  I was a bit skeptical about using mechanical pencils. I have seen others using them, but for some silly reason, I didn’t feel like they could be better than the old-fashioned graphite pencil. Maybe I didn’t feel like they were ‘artisty’ enough, I don’t know. (Silly, huh? ) 

Boy, was I in for a big surprise!   I bought one on a whim, and have not looked back at my pencil stash since. I am the world’s worst for losing pens, pencils, my keys, my mind, and so on, but I actually have held onto my original GraphGear pencil for almost 3 years now – that is how much I enjoy using this baby. And now I have a few floating around so I can start sketching with this awesomeness when I feel the need. So, there you have it.  The GraphGear 500 PG257 mechanical pencil is just ONE  of my favorite things that I use daily as an artist. Have a favorite pencil or sketching tool? Comment and tell me about it!

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