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Back in Black…and Blues, and Grays, and a Bit More Blue..

Yup, it’s been a little bit of time since I’ve visited here – but I am back! 😊

To catch you up on the TGA times, I now have my own little spot (aka, the Hobbit House) at The Artworks, I was just juried into my first art show, and I got to paint downtown this weekend during the Azalea Festival!

Last month, I took a chance and entered two works into the WAA Spring Art Show and Sale, and I was honestly surprised when they were accepted!

I learned so much getting ready for this show – from how to properly hang my artwork to exactly what a prospectus was. I am such a newbie (😫) to the professional art world!

I also got to paint outside the Hannah Block Historic HSO Community Arts Center during the Azalea Festival this weekend – and it was so great! The weather was beautiful, the people were super friendly and curious about the Wilmington Art scene – which was awesome!

Let me be honest – it was super nerve-wracking getting my pieces ready for the show, and then being outside, talking and ‘people-ing’ – but it was such a great learning experience for me! It pushed me to interact with fellow artists, as well as the tourists and locals – which is hard for me because of my social anxiety. But I did it, and I’m killer proud!

Now, I am looking forward to trying out for another art show, and trying to ‘people’ more in the art world. 😊

Til next time …I leave you with these!

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