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DIY : Amazing Stay-Wet Palette for the Frugal Artist in You

Recently I found myself in my local arts and crafts store browsing around for a new paint palette to test out my new tubes of acrylic paint on. I came across this specific palette – one that is made to keep your paints wet for longer than the old standard glass/plastic and spray water bottle. But the outrageous price? As an up and coming artist just learning to keep a tight grip on her overhead costs, I said, ‘Not TODAAAY!’ I immediately consulted the all-knowing Pinterest universe, and guess what? I found a simple solution to create my very own stay-wet palette using materials that were pretty inexpensive. Here’s how to make your own as well…

  1. paper towels

  2. baking parchment

  3. plastic container with lid (ex, Tupperware container)

  4. water

Step 1 – Fold up a couple of pieces of paper towels so they sit comfortably, covering the entire bottom of                  the tray. Step 2 – Add a little water to the bottom of the plastic container, enough to completely wet the paper towels. There’s no need to flood the container with too much water, but be sure to add more water if                         the paper towels start to dry out as you are painting. Step 3 – Cut a piece of the parchment paper approximately to the size of the container. Step 4 – Place the sized parchment paper on top of the wet paper towels. Step 5 – Now, drop some paint down on that wet paper! Step 6 – When you are done, close the lid down tightly on the container to keep the paints wet.

Whenever I am done with a session of painting, I lightly spritz the paints with water for good measure, and seal them up by closing the lid tightly. The longest I have actually kept paints wet in my DIY palette was one week! And instead of paying $30 or more for the one sold in art stores, I kept the costs under $10. How’s that for being cost conscious?

Alright, kiddies- hope you will enjoy this as much as I enjoy using it! Stay tuned for more tips!

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