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Growth = Life & So On..


“Growth is the only evidence of life” – John Henry Newman

   Just like a single tree, even if it is lost in a forest of many others, new growth means it is still alive, still thriving, even when the others are threatening to choke it out.

Everyday day since I really began my journey on the road to artistry, leading towards the beautiful horizon of creativity, I grow a bit more everyday.

I grow with each step I take out of my safe comfort zone. I grow with every brushstroke of a newly mixed hue on a new canvas. I grow with every word I speak to someone about my pure love of art. I grow with each keystroke of a keyboard, spilling my soul’s obsession with transforming into the very best artist I can be, into a blog to share with others.

New growth also can mean change – from changing my focus and views on a certain style of painting to changing my blog and how it relates to where I feel I am currently in my art odyssey.

I wanted to begin a blog that is more about my roots, my renewed art focus on creating art with a bit of old Southern charm, and my continued growth in my artistry and how it helps me as a person grow in my daily life.

As, for the new title – I am a big fan of Bob Marley, and I love his song, ‘One Love, One Heart’. That is exactly what art becoming to me – my true love, my very heartbeat, my very essence. I am now living this one life to create. We only are blessed with one life; use it to chase the one thing that makes your soul burn. And art sets my soul on fire. And I want to share it with the world, through my art, and through this blog.

Til the next moment in time, I bid you good evening.

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