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Meet Perry… The Pelican

I am a country girl at heart, and I will always be – and I love to fish. One of my family’s favorite places to fish is at the Kure Beach Pier. Anyone who regularly visits this lovely pier in Kure Beach, NC, may be familiar with a certain pelican that loves his crowds and his fame. My daughter calls him Perry the Pelican. On our last fishing excursion there, I got some pretty amazing shots of Mr. Perry Pelican (oh, how he does love to pose for the camera!) I looked through each one of those shots, found one that spoke to me, and decided that because of his regal profile, the stoic pier, and the wonderful houses in the background, I had to transpose this image onto a canvas! That is one of the joys of being an artist ❤︎ So, here is Mr. Perry Pelican, my newest piece, in all his majestic glory, perched on the pier on canvas in acrylics. ❤︎


#Seascape #Ocean #Sea #Saltlife #Bird #Pelican #Fishing #Beach #Pier #Kurebeach

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