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Oh, The Things I Learned at SSM

 SSM? “What in the what-to-what is that? Why, I am talking about Seaglass Salvage Market, an ecclectic artisan haven, located here in beautiful Eastern North Carolina, and I spent all last weekend experiencing and learning while hanging out with my art wall and sharing it with the masses.     To start this episode, let’s talk about a massive learning curve called – “Artists; Why Can’t We Just Freaking Paint??” I quite honestly did not take into consideration all the other things I had to learn to do as an artist – like framing, marketing, public speaking – Dang, I just wanted to paint! Yes, this young grasshopper has much to learn.

My Prints

    There may be times in a fledgling artist career where an artist may research, may even Pinterest for hours, or watch You Tube instructional videos til their eyes bleed, but sometimes that still cannot teach one as well as jumping in the cold water with both feet; learning by just some good ole’ trial and error.     Quite frankly, I did those things, have been doing those things, for quite some time – trying to be the best artist, trying to present myself, and my art the best way that I possibly could. I read how to frame, how to mat, even watched videos on how to approach people about my art ( Alas, I am an introvert – the stereotypical reclusive artist that is more comfortable behind the canvas, speaking through my art than actually mingling with the masses, speaking of my art).

   But you know what? I had it all planned out – that is, until I started actually matting, framing, and talking to the masses about my art.

My Framed Artwork

 With trial and error, and the help of my awesome mom, I learned how to make my own mats and frame my art. I cut, had to toss mats I cut wrong, had to start over; but I learned.       I measured, incorrectly might I add, sawed, nailed, got angry, had to toss the frame that I broke; but I learned.       I measured some more, cut and bent wire, screwed the completed wire hangers to the frames; and I learned.

More Framed Artwork

  I quietly smiled at people that passed by me and my wall, I missed opportunities to hand out my cards, finally growing a pair, I started saying ‘Hi’, whipping out my easel, starting making some art while interacting with more people to the point where you couldn’t shut me up; and still I learned.     The things I have learned by ‘just doing it’ in the past month at my first official art venue have made me grow just a bit more as an artist. I feel that if everything went according to my plan – that meticulous, by the textbook plan I had laid out in my head – I would not have gained the confidence I have over the past month as an emerging visual artist. (it’s just an ounce more, but those ounces add up!)

Bottom line, aka, the moral of this story is – just to borrow a few old school taglines –  Just Do It! No Fear! And the most important brand tagline that I think of when I think of my art life in the past month – Play-Laugh-Grow, Fisher-Price.    Until we meet again, sayonara, my friends, and keep learning.

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