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Sailin’ the Ocean Blue…Just Like a Pirate Would Do

Once upon a time, there was a girl, who grew up near the ocean blue, who wanted to be BOTH the pirate and the mermaid….


I still would like to be both of course, but since I can’t, I have decided I can at least bring them to life through my art.

This week, I started working with various pens, inks, and watercolors to make some colorful pieces that revolve around the deep ocean blue. I enjoy working with this mixed media; using the crispness of the black lines to weave through the flowing tide of gentle watercolors is a bit like weaving the fantasy of the mermaids into the real life of the constantly moving ocean.


Each piece that I create over the next couple of weeks will soon be available in various print sizes, as well as in a set of greeting cards I am working on.

I won’t lie, I am getting pretty excited over how these lovelies are turning out!

But what does every mermaid need? Alas, a pirate! I guess my work is not yet finished – I will have to create some ruggedly, handsome pirates to keep these beauties in line.

Arrghhhh….. it’s a pirate’s life for me.

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