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The New Adventures of The Old Artist

  Evening everyone. I have been busy, busy, busy! Been having some pretty exciting adventures lately and it has been a heck of a ride so far. //  First, I am elated to announce that Terry Ganey Art will be available at Seaglass Salvage Market in Leland, NC, for this month, June, and July! If you have not checked this nifty place out yet, you are truly missing out (probably on a killer handmade necklace). It’s an eclectic mix of artisan wares and all other sorts of wonderful things! Their next open market, in which yours truly will be attending, is May 20 – 22. Visit their website, for more info. Stop by for a bit during the market in May and I will love to show you my art, while chatting you up. Next segment..speaking of segments, I did make my first mini art video! It’s small, but it’s fierce! It’s a clip of me working on my next big thing – and by that I mean one of the biggest canvases I have tackled in a while. Wanna see the completed piece? Stay tuned for the next post, my loves…

 TGA out.

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