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Weekend Update with TGA

Starting last  Friday, my past weekend was crazy, crazy and even more crazy!

art wall2

My art wall at SSM

This is the first time in my art career I have actually displayed my artwork in a venue – I honestly have never been comfortable talking in front of a lot of people, especially to people I don’t know on a personal level. Since I have been displaying my art with Seaglass Salvage Market, I have definitely learned that not only am I quite capable of speaking with complete strangers, but it actually comes effortlessly if I am talking about my passion for art. As a matter of a fact, I thought a few times this past weekend, “Geez, I can’t shut-up about my art”. I guess it’s true; when you are truly  passionate about a job, a cause, or anything in general, it shows.

For the wall display at the market this past weekend,  I added a couple new pieces to the wall, one that was sold just before the market opened (‘On the Rocks’); the other, ‘Through the Window’, that sold right before the close of the market. The first piece, ‘On the Rocks’, is acrylic on stretched canvas, and was a lot of fun to paint. Okay, so it wasn’t very fun at first,  just frustrating, but then I found my groove, and the fun began.

On the Rocks.jpg

On the Rocks, acrylic on stretched canvas

The second painting, called “Through the Window”, is acrylic on stretched canvas. Lately, I have been obsessed with the look of reflections in windows, flower boxes in windows, and doors framed by colorful flowers. They are just aesthetically pleasing to me and make me feel, I don’t know, happy.

Through the Window

My art wall at SSM

Besides adding the two new pieces to my wall, I also added a line of greeting cards. I am slowly learning to get over my anxiety and fears that ‘it won’t work’ to begin branching out, and growing my art.

As for being in the market Friday and Saturday, I really loved talking to anyone who was interested, about my art, and basically why I created each piece. I especially enjoyed it when someone would ask me about my art techniques, or what my favorite medium to work in is – acrylic- or even which piece was my personal favorite. BUT, I have to say, the highlight of my day was hanging out with an young lady named Rylie.

Rylie and I learning about art together.

Rylie and I learning about art together.

Apparently Rylie had been watching me draw from afar. She kept venturing closer, and I finally coaxed her into joining me at my easel with her little chair. I spent the rest of the day talking to her about art, hers and mine, how it makes me feel, and how much fun it can be. Spending that time with her, sharing my love of art, seeing her excitement, validated that I am on the right path with my life, transitioning into a full-time artist. It also reaffirmed to me that I just really enjoy sharing everything I can about art, with anyone and everyone, from  the old to the young.  It just made my heart smile the whole day. Thank you for that Miss Rylie!

All in all, this was another great weekend at the market, and I look forward to the next one in July!

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