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What Have I Been Doing in the Evenings Besides Lose at Jeopardy?

It’s been a while, I know!

Let’s just start with what I HAVE been doing in my free time in the evenings…..

The hubs just recently got me my first real Ipad; I know, I am a little behind in technology. I have always been a die-hard Android fan – until I met the Ipad and the program Procreate.

Needless to say, with my handy dandy Apple Pencil, I have been doodling like crazy!

I am wanting to get back to the basics – drawing – and right now, I am super obsessed with drawing people and their expressions.

I want to develop a more looser style than my usually realistic style, so I have been doing what I call, “scribble drawing”. It is DEFINITELY a challenge, but I already am feeling some of the effects of this nightly exercise spilling over into my other artwork – which is one of my goals for this year.

I also wanted to share a few of my late night musings or scribbles with you guys! The last image is the very first drawing I did on my tablet – in my usual style. The rest are as I began to draw nightly and adopt a more looser style with my scribbles.

Hope you are all well, and I see you on my next adventure!

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